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Innovative Anaerobic Technology? Let us explain…

One of the most exciting facets of being involved in the paving industry is that often times we have the opportunity to be involved in projects whose facilities are performing interesting and even groundbreaking things in our community and state, and we are happy to say that this project was one of them.

At CleanWorld’s Facilities on Fruitridge Rd. in Sacramento, their “Innovative Anaerobic Digestion technology helps businesses and communities achieve sustainability goals by converting food and agricultural waste into renewable energy, liquid and solid fertilizer products and reclaimed water”. As a growing industry that has in recent years seen its value realize with the growing issues of waste and land management, and health and environmental concerns, they soon found the necessity to expand their operational space to accommodate added production.  Previously operating on a 1,200SF concrete pad, we were approached by the folks at CleanWorld to extend the current pad an additional 1000 SF to place all incoming pallets to be fed into the digester technology.  After working out details with ownership, we were also asked to grade for and install a course of prefabricated concrete blocks for a containment system, and excavate and pour new structure footings for an open structure.  As the facilities are located in an area with surrounding businesses, CleanWorld operations managers wanted to employ the use of an open structure to keep the work area cool and also mitigate some of the odor caused by the feedstock received.

As with any industry which relies on space to be able to keep up production, CleanWorld had to deal with being able to halt production for 8 days to allow for the work to be completed.  That being the case, all teams had to work together to be able to stay on schedule to have the work completed on time.  Thanks to our staff at Breault Asphalt, the crew at Ireland Electric, and the team at CleanWorld, all work was coordinated and all parties were in constant contact together to make sure we were all on pace.  In the end, it was a long job with many new experiences, but we left the job with the satisfaction of providing an excellent product that will help CleanWorld continue to provide a great service for our community and world.  Please check CleanWorld and their exciting technology out at  You will be amazed!

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