June 02 2016 0comment

Unusual problem in your parking lot? Turn to Breault

With our experience and background in servicing retail and commercial properties, we have been asked to provide assistance with many issues that property managers face on their parking lot.  From bollard repair to fabricating swing gates and trash enclosure restoration, we have addressed and resolved them all.  So when we received a phone call from a property manager asking to repair a drain inlet grate, we knew how to get to the bottom of it!  In this particular instance, a property manager for a retail space in Carmichael had asked us for assistance in furnishing a new drain inlet grate that had finally failed when a car broke through its rusted-out structure.  As this is a high priority safety issue, someone from the Breault team was dispatched immediately to secure the area by placing barricades to block the area off. Once secure, measurements were taken of the drain inlet for a new grate.  After calling two different suppliers to find a replacement grate, we were told grates of that size were no longer manufactured. Rather than placing the burden back on the property manager, we utilized our knowledge and in house expertise to fabricate a new custom-built rolled steel grate.  Within a week we had the area reopened for traffic. If you have an unusual problem on your property’s exterior, and are not sure where to turn, consider Breault Asphalt Maintenance.