• Asphalt Repair

    Well-paved asphalt makes your property safer, more driveable, and decreases your liability. Don’t wait until the last minute.

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  • Sealcoating

    A good sealcoat now prevents a costly repair later. Our spray sealcoat technique ensures better control which gives you better value.

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  • Striping

    Clean, crisp lines on your property bring order and peace of mind to both you and your customers or tenants. We’ll give you all of the above.

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  • ADA Upgrades

    We are always up to date on ADA compliance regulations, and will help you be the same. When we’re finished, not even an ambulance-chasing, wheelchair-bound lawyer will have cause for complaint.

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  • Crackfill

    Deal with cracks before they become an issue – we can help you with repairs to make your property last.

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  • Concrete Repair

    Tree roots, obstructions, and normal wear and tear all contribute to concrete breakdown. We’ll repair it quickly and with minimal intrusion on your property.

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As a retail property manager I need to be sure that the business of my retailers is not disrupted by work in the common area.  I have yet to find an asphalt contractor more aware and accommodating of the needs unique to retail property management than Breault Asphalt.  I never hesitate to recommend Breault Asphalt Maintenance Inc. whenever people ask me who I use

Breault Asphalt Maintenance has exceeded my expectations for quality asphalt maintenance for nearly 10 years now.  Not only are their prices competitive, their product superb, but their experience in retail property management provides a level of customer service to our tenants that is priceless. Their assistance and experience with the project phasing helps us to ensure the least amount of inconvenience to our merchants and their customers. Breault’s team will preempt possible issues or concerns by having personal conversations, with managers and merchants on site, before work ever begins.  At the end of the day, the work is professionally completed, on time, as specified, and the experience is always pleasant.

I spoke with Bob Gerhauser at Progressive Insurance and he said the job looks FANTASTIC and he did not get one complaint from his employees!!!
Kudos to all on a job well done!!

Please extend my thanks to your crew. WONDERFUL JOB today!!! It is a pleasure having them here to do this work for us. Our yard has never looked better!! Thanks again.

A big thank you from the Enterprise Board of Directors, for going above and beyond to fix our streets. Looks much better.

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