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Breault Asphalt Maintenance has a wide range of services from sealcoating and striping to all of your asphalt needs.

If it’s on your property and treaded on by foot or tire, we will take a look.

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Well-paved asphalt makes your property safer, more drivable, and decreases your liability. Don’t wait until the last minute. Cracks, potholes, root growth, and poor runoff can create a dangerous place for people and vehicles to travel. Our experience with both property management and asphalt repair is the expertise you need to help ensure your property’s safety.


Why sealcoat? A good sealcoat now helps prevent a costly repair later. Our spray sealcoat technique provides superior control, which gives you better value. In addition, we offer several types of sealcoat applications to meet your specific project needs. After we get your asphalt in tip-top shape, a good sealcoat will ensure your property is protected against the weather.

Sealcoating Service


Clean, crisp lines on your property bring order and peace of mind to both you and your customers or tenants. Having a professional-looking, clearly marked parking lot is the first thing people notice and appreciate. In an effort to be inviting and inclusive of all your potential visitors, you’ll need to have distinguishable disabled parking stalls, safe paths of travel, clear and compliant signage, and off site access. We know what you need and where you need it to make your property a welcome and safe place to park and to walk.


California is the leader in ADA lawsuits. Because of this, Breault Asphalt Maintenance works closely with many California ADA consultants to help bring your property up to compliance. From truncated domes, upgraded signage and striping, to major ADA upgrades, Breault Asphalt Maintenance makes your property compliant and complaint free. We’ll get you there!

ADA Compliance Service
Concrete Repair Service


Tree roots, obstructions, and normal wear and tear all contribute to concrete breakdown. We’ll repair it quickly and with minimal intrusion on your property. Concrete repair may include curbs, sidewalks, wheelchair ramps, or driveways. We’ll provide excellent work while allowing your customers or tenants to navigate the property at minimal inconvenience to them.


Sealcoating isn’t the only way to keep the asphalt on your property maintained. If you see cracks starting to appear, deal with them now to avoid water damage. We choose quality crackfill products you can trust to make your asphalt last.


Decorative Asphalt

Decorative asphalt, also known as stamped or colored asphalt or by the brand name Streetprint, incorporates aesthetic designs or colors into the pavement surface. By using specialized techniques, patterns, and pigments, it enhances the visual appeal of roads, driveways, or walkways. 

Additionally, decorative asphalt can contribute to lowering surface and radiant temperatures compared to traditional black asphalt. This is achieved by using lighter colors or reflective materials that absorb less heat from the sun, thereby reducing the urban heat island effect and mitigating heat-related issues in urban areas.

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